Why Use A REALTOR® Who Is An Accredited Buyer Representative

Dated: November 9 2018

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Continuing Education has always been important to me. Consider a craft such as being a medical professional; doctors and nurses require regular continuing education. You can always improve your craft, and we as Realtors have various continuing education options available to us -- these educational opportunities help us to hone our craft and be better agents to you, our clients. I went through special education to become an ABR for my clients, not myself. Read on to see why it’s smarter to work with an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®)!

1. A skilled professional will be covering your back.In real estate transactions, having representation(either as a buyer or seller) means that an industry professional is obligated to protect and promote your interests, including keeping certain information confidential and sharing information with you that might benefit your position. Accredited Buyer’sRepresentatives have gone a step further, completing specialized training in the best practices for buyer representation. An ABR® designee stands out in the crowd!

2. You’ll simplify many complex aspects of your transaction.Let’s face it. If you aren’t already familiar with complex real estate contracts, disclosure forms and mortgage applications, these documents can be confusing and daunting. Most buyers genuinely appreciate having a knowledgeable resource to answer their questions.

3. You’ll be working with an up-to-date expert.An ABR® designee has a keen understanding of buyers’ concerns. Further, they are committed to maintaining their professional edge by staying current on the latest issues and trends in buyer representation.

4. You’ll know your buyer representative has proven experience. One qualification of earning the ABR® designation is proof of completed transactions with other home buyers. It’s impossible for an in experienced real estate agent to obtain the ABR®.

5. You can improve your negotiating results. Deciding on an offer price for a house is tricky business, requiring careful analysis of other comparable homes for sale, recently sold homes, and other market factors. Plus, your offer price is just one facet of your negotiating strategy. An ABR® designee can advise you on every negotiating detail, including counseling you on the pluses and minuses of including various contingencies.

6. You can get a higher level of service without paying more. In the vast majority of circumstances, listing agreements are structured so that a buyer’s agent’s commission is paid out of the seller’s proceeds. In the rare instance where this is not the case, you still have options. ABR®designees can explain those options before you begin your home search, helping you make informed decisions if you encounter such a scenario.

(cited from: http://rebac.net/sites/default/files/TBR-Newsletter-November-2016-final-1-sheet.pdf)

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